Faux Designs has been leading the stationery industry since 1986. We continue to design, manufacture and assemble our stationery and gifts in the United States.


Specializing in high-quality embossed foil and innovative designs, Faux invites you to explore our site to sample our fine stationery and gifts.


Pine boughs, grommets, footballs, and fruit find their way into our products. We are inspired by pinstripes and paisleys, the sacred and the secular, conservatives and liberals, the masculine and the feminine.


In 2010, we expanded our gift collection and now offer Calenders, Gift Notes, Desk Pads, Pens, Gift Wrap and much more.


Everyone at Faux Designs cares deeply about our products and your satisfaction with them. You will find our staff to be helpful, thorough, inventive, flexible, and swift. Excellence in design and outstanding customer service are what we aspire to deliver.


Thank you for considering Faux Designs.

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